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Hi and welcome to is an online family resource web site. There's a lot of information on our site, and it will probably take a few visits before you realise where everything is. Here is a brief overview of this web site and what you can find here:


In our directory you will find pregnancy, baby and kids related products and services.

If you mouse over the navigation bar on the left of the screen entitled "Directory" you will see a menu of categories and sub categories. You can browse through our directory by clicking on these. Alternatively, you can use the advanced search functionality below the "Directory" menu. Click on the select category drop down menu. Once you have chosen your category the sub category drop down menu below that will be populated with sub categories in that category. Slect your sub category. Then select the Province and/or age group relating to the product or service you are interested in. Then click on search. You will see a list of reults appear in the middle column of the web site. Click on the business name or the telephone or info icon to view more information about the business you are interested in.

If you prefer to search the directory using keywords. Type your key words in the search box (above the blue search button) and click on the blue search button. Again, the results will display in the middle column.

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If you would like to search the entire web site for a particular item, type in your keywords in the blue search box on the right hand side of our logo at the top of the page. Any information on this site with keywords relating to the ones you searched for will appear as links in the middle column. Scan through the list of pages until you find the one that looks relevant to what you are searching for.

Other family resources

You will also find the following parenting resources and tools on this web site:

Family Events Calendars
Family Deals
Parenting Articles
Planners and organisers and holiday calendars
Family related books and product reviews
Ask the Expert Q&A's


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