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Counselling Psychologist

Minnon Holtzhausen

Contact me

 Call: 082 463 7195
 Location: Johannesburg


I completed my MA Counselling Psych. (RHODES) Bsoc.Sci. Honours Psych. (UNISA) Bsoc.Sci (UKZN)

My approach is integrative and collaborative, working with my clients as a team, and tailoring the therapy process through incorporating elements and skills from various psychological paradigms to best suit each client’s specific and unique needs and concerns. Therapy may entail developing understandings into the client’s emotional struggles and relationship difficulties as well as enhancing coping strategies you already possess to facilitate sustained change beyond therapy.

I have a particular interest in working with children who present with emotional, developmental, learning and adjustment difficulties, and offer play therapy to address these challenges. I aim to help children develop coping strategies, as well as build their confidence and inner resources. I also have extensive experience in Student Counselling and enjoy working with students and young adults who often face significant changes at this stage in their lives whilst transitioning into adulthood.

In addition to therapy, I offer a variety of comprehensive assessment services such as Psychoeducational Assessments - this includes emotional assessments, IQ and scholastic assessments, and school readiness. I also offer career assessments and guidance.

I am available Tuesday to Saturdays, as well as early mornings and after hours, depending on appointment availability.

Products and Services

Play Therapy; Individual Psychotherapy; Couples and Family Therapy; Career Assesments and Guidence; and Psychoeducational Assessments.