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Lactation Consultant

Yulanda Ridge


Yulanda Ridge, IBCLC, RLC, EN is a certified Lactation Consultant and has been helping moms and babies for 16 years with regards to breastfeeding. A married mother of 3 with some nursing background, Yulanda currently works as a Lactation Consultant in Private Practice. She did her first training through the Breastfeeding Association of SA and has since qualified as an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). Yulanda is passionate about encouraging new mothers to breastfeed as naturally as possible, and specialises in latching problems, relactation, and breastfeeding multiples.

She also has a keen interest in how diet and lifestyle affect all aspects of family health. Her articles appear in the Mum’s Mail as well as various local newspapers, and she has been interviewed on The Voice of the Cape.

For more information please contact Yulanda on:
082 7255 043

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